dressmaker portland custom clothing

How does it work?

Initial consultation:
We will discuss fit, occasion, and fabrics. You can bring along pictures, clothes that you love, bits of fabric, or any other inspiration to help me get an idea of what you‘re looking for.

Designs and measurements: I will take your measurements, collect a design deposit (taken out of the final cost), and create a series of designs and fabric swatches for you choose from.

Estimate: Once we’ve decided on a design and discussed fabric in more detail, I can give you an estimate of the final cost. If you want to buy the fabric yourself, the estimate will be for labor only, and I will give you the yardage that is needed. We will continue with a deposit (usually 50% of the lower end of the estimate).

Fittings: Using your measurements, I’ll create a pattern for your garment. Your first fittings may be in a muslin mock-up, or they may be in the final fabric stitched together loosely to allow for adjustments. With each fitting, I’ll update the pattern so that it can be used again with a perfect fit. Most garments can be completed with 2-4 fittings.    Pricing Information